Uncovering the Trail of Lies

The Hunting ban in England and Wales has an enforcement problem, mainly caused by trail hunting -- an activity carried out by organised hunts in England and Wales.
As one of the leading anti-hunting organisation in the UK, IFAW decided to investigate this issue in depth. Our data and evidence suggests that trail hunting in general is nothing more than a post-hunting ban creation to provide a false alibi against accusations of illegal hunting. It should not be confused with drag hunting or bloodhound hunting, which aim to cause no harm to wild animals.
Our report Trail of Lies is the biggest study to date on trail hunting. Now, it's time to share our findings.
Trail of Lies focusses on multiple hunts across England and Wales. It contains more than 200 pages of articles, comments, images and expert opinion. The evidence is based on bibliographical research, testimonies of witnesses and experts, statistical analysis of quantifiable data, analysis of court records and proceedings and audio-visual evidence from the field, covering a period of 10 years.
Little is known publicly about trail hunting, but our investigators have uncovered a practice that can create false alibis, seriously hindering enforcement of the Hunting Act 2004. This Act and its resulting hunting ban were overwhelmingly supported by UK citizens appalled by the cruelty towards wild animals that hunting with hounds involves.
Our report removes the cloak of darkness on the subject of trail hunting. It provides critical information unveiling the truth behind a trail of lies and includes recommendations to solve the enforcement problem.

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