Investment policy: ethical mandate

IFAW is deeply conscious of the need to support its core values related to animal welfare through its investment policy. It is the intent of IFAW to avoid investing in companies or entities which are engaged in activities or business practices that are in conflict with IFAW’s animal welfare mission and its statements of principle. IFAW trustees, staff, investment advisers and investment managers are all responsible for using their best efforts to support and uphold the ethical investing mandate. The mandate may not be changed or altered without an appropriate resolution of IFAW’s Board.

This policy specifically excludes investment in the following types of companies:

  • Animal testing
  • Intensive farming
  • Unsustainable timber production
  • Fur trade of animals or species that are endangered and/or subjected to cruelty
  • Producers of weapons banned by international treaties

Further, when selecting investments, managers shall carefully consider, exercise prudence, and make rational judgments around the following:

  • Impacts on human rights
  • Environmental impacts of mining, quarrying, chemical production and energy extraction and production (nuclear and fossil fuels) activities, including pollution and waste emission.

This policy encourages investment in companies that are following best practices in the conservation and animal welfare arenas.