Big Trunks, Tiny Tales

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Our new elephants resource for your KS1 pupils, Big Trunks, Tiny Tales includes cross curricular lessons, a pupil magazine, a classroom poster and a set of activity masters.


Big Trunks, Tiny Tales Program Introduction

Introduction »
Read this first for a short introduction to the programme.


Big Trunks, Tiny Tales Teaching Guide with Student magazine

Teaching guide with pupil magazine »


Big Trunks, Tiny Tales Worksheet Set

Activity masters »
Pupil worksheets directly related to assessing your pupils’ understanding of the content.


Elephants, Never Forget Education Programme

Elephants, Never Forget Video »
Check out our Elephants, Never Forget Video and educational packs for primary and secondary school students.


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Leonardo DiCaprio

In the past century, the number of elephants in the wild has declined by 50 per cent. Their disappearance could devastate ecosystems and have a lasting impact on the biodiversity of our planet. I hope this program will inspire and empower you to help protect elephants worldwide.”

– Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor & Activist

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