IFAW is an ally for dogs and cats in Bali

IFAW is proud to partner with the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) in an exciting new project that inspires communities to take responsibility for providing better care to dogs and cats.

By supporting communities to develop and implement plans tailored to each village and its animals, IFAW and BAWA are empowering them to improve the relationship between people and animals for decades to come.

The need is urgent.

Across the resort island of Bali, Indonesia, hundreds of dogs wander the streets, neighborhoods, and beaches. Often called “strays”, most of these dogs are actually owned and roaming close to home. Though many Balinese care for their dogs, a lack of understanding about dog behavior and proper care often leads to unintended cruelty and neglect.

It’s common to see skinny dogs and cats suffering from a variety of skin diseases or untreated wounds and injuries. Abandonment, especially of puppies, is common because locals don’t have the information or resources to properly care for their animals or prevent unwanted litters from being born. Puppies may be left near rivers, abandoned in neighboring villages or dropped off at the local garbage dump.

While most Balinese do their best to care for their animals and don’t want to resort to hurting or abandoning them, without humane education, access to veterinary care, and an understanding of how healthy dogs and cats are good for communities, even the dogs and cats of caring owners need help.

Changing Bali for animals, one community at a time

To help communities enact lasting change, IFAW and BAWA hold regular community meetings to help dog and cat owners explore and understand what causes poor animal health and welfare, and we offer comprehensive assistance to help them change the situation. Along with these communities, we have watched medication and wholesome food transform dogs and cats from skinny, parasite-ridden creatures into happy, healthy animals. Whole communities express joy at being able to take better care of their animals, and relief that assistance with vaccinations makes the communities safer for everyone. The mobile clinic and ambulance also responds to animals in crisis and distress all over the island. While adults learn that a happy, healthy community can only exist with happy and healthy animals, classroom visits and creative children’s programs are creating a whole new generation of compassion.

Because we believe that each individual and each community can serve as a model to inspire change, IFAW and BAWA are building a foundation to improve the lives of all of Bali’s dogs and cats--one village at a time.