What is banned?

The language in legislation in Scotland and that in England and Wales differs, but, simply put, it is now illegal to chase and/or kill wild mammals (other than rats and rabbits) with dogs.

What does the law say is banned?

  • Hunting wild mammals with dogs

The Hunting Act states that engaging or participating in the pursuit of a wild mammal with dogs is hunting, and therefore it is now banned. However, in some special circumstances, some hunting with dogs is allowed as long as several conditions are fulfilled (and this is known as “exempt hunting”).

  • Knowingly permitting land belonging to you to be entered or used in the course of an illegal hunting act
  • Knowingly permitting your dog to be used for an illegal hunting act
  • Participating in, attending, knowingly facilitating, or permitting your land or dog to be used for a hare coursing event

The Act defines a hare coursing event as “a competition in which dogs are, by the use of live hares, assessed as to skill in hunting hares”