What is the Coalition Government’s position on the hunt ban?

When the last Coalition Government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats was formed, it stated that it would "bring forward a motion on a free vote enabling the House of Commons to express its view on the repeal of the Hunting Act."

The Hunting Act banned the cruel and unnecessary 'sport' of hunting mammals (such as foxes, deer and hares) with dogs.

So far such a free vote has not taken place as the majority of MPs do not want to see a return to the cruelty witnessed in the pre-ban days. There have been attempts to weaken the Act by amendments, which essentially would be “repeals by the back door,” but our campaigns to defeat them have been successful for now. We must remain vigilant to protect the Hunting ban, so it is not repealed or weakened.

In fact, the hunting fraternity has been successful in jeopardising the proper enforcement of the Act by exploiting loopholes and developing false alibis. Therefore, it is time to improve the Act with amendments that make its enforcement easier. MPs must show their commitment to protecting the hunting ban and it is essential that they also represent the view of the compassionate majority, 80%* of whom want the ban on hunting to stay.

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