Each year IFAW rescues elephants, bears, tigers, rhinos and other wildlife that would otherwise suffer and perish, rehabilitate the animals, and return them to the wild if possible.

Sometimes rescued animals cannot be released back to the wild because their injuries are too grave or because they have been living in captivity for too long. In such instances, we help place them into a sanctuary that provides life-long, optimal care for the animals. IFAW collaborates with many different organizations around the world to promote best standards and guidelines for wild animal rescue and welfare. To learn more about this work, click here.

As well as rescuing animals we also address the root causes of wildlife displacement such as habitat loss, orphaning, human-animal conflict, and other factors like that influence survival. We also work to conserve wildlife species and promote biodiversity.

Wildlife Rehab and release projects

Elephant Orphanage Project, Zambia

Wildlife Rescue Centres in India

Bear Rescue Centre, Tver region, Russia

Grizzly bear rescue in British Columbia, Canada

Raptor Rescue Centre, Beijing, China

Rehabilitating tigers in Russia


Forest elephants in Cote d’Ivoire

Bush elephants in Malawi

Gorillas in the Congo

Gibbons in India

Sanctuary work

Saving Chimpanzees in Uganda

Protecting big cats in captivity in the United States

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