Donating shares

You may already know that you can donate shares to charity as well as money. ShareGIFT, the charity share donation scheme, can turn your donated shares into gifts to charities like IFAW.

Do you own small numbers of shares worth only a few pounds each? Did you know that asking a stockbroker to sell them could cost you more than they are worth? ShareGIFT offers a solution that puts your unwanted shares to good use – making it painless for you to give to charity any shares that are not worth selling in a conventional way. Small parcels of shares from an inheritance split, for example, or from a corporate restructure, that are of little value but whose small dividends may still need to be declared – causing further tax headaches – can be contributed.

Set up by the Orr Mackintosh Foundation, ShareGIFT collects donated shares, sells them and donates the proceeds to a number of charities – including IFAW.

As a supporter of IFAW, the benefit of giving shares via ShareGIFT is that you don’t pay any more to anybody, or lose what you could otherwise have realised. Nor will you pay Capital Gains Tax (there is no gain or loss).

And it’s not only low-value shares that are win-win. There are now vast tax benefits for supporters wishing to donate high value shares especially if you are a higher-rate tax payer. You will now receive Income Tax Relief on the full market value of the shares, which is particularly relevant if you are giving larger shares…for instance, a donation of shares worth £25,000 to IFAW could save you £10,000 on your tax bill! So it’s a win-win for you and the animals.

To find out how to make shares work for you and for the animals please call us on 020 7587 6700. Or call ShareGIFT direct on 020 7337 0501, mentioning that you are an IFAW supporter.