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4 February 2016 [field_author_uid]
My colleague Dr. Erika Flores saw her in the street in Playa del Carmen. It was a hot day, and she was very agitated. Watch Video »
19 February 2016 [field_author_uid]
We were doing a survey in Guadalupana, a low-income neighborhood in Playa de Carmen, when we found a homeless mommy dog Watch Video »
14 March 2016 [field_author_uid]
Blacky was found in the street searching for food by a local rescuer. The woman who found him had experience rescuing dogs Watch Video »
23 December 2015 [field_author_uid]
By the time we arrived in the First Nations community that morning, half the dog houses were already out of the transport Watch Video »
7 April 2016 [field_author_uid]
They may not be as obvious – where dogs come to investigate, cats scarper – but cats are as much part of the Watch Video »
10 May 2016 [field_author_uid]
After more than a year of planning, designing, and collaborating with our local partner Coco’s Animal Welfare, our Watch Video »