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25 August 2015 [field_author_uid]
Can you imagine a heavenly place with beautiful sandy beaches and sun? Can you imagine spending some good vacations or even Watch Video »
9 September 2015 [field_author_uid]
Our Disaster Response team worked hard at the 10 year Katrina Commemorative Boot-camp and feel stronger than ever to help Watch Video »
11 September 2015 [field_author_uid]
When I first saw Gus, he was lying in the back of a Dodge Caravan, lifeless. Then, I saw him stir — and wag his tail Watch Video »
21 September 2015 [field_author_uid]
The following blog is part of an occasional series about IFAW staff who have opened their homes to adopt pets from our Watch Video »
7 October 2015 [field_author_uid]
This blog comes from Jennifer Hart, a volunteer on the IFAW Northern Dogs Project. A good friend had done multiple trips Watch Video »
22 October 2015 [field_author_uid]
In our last Northern Dogs veterinary clinic of the year, we spent three days, with 40 hours of surgery, providing spay/ Watch Video »