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29 April 2015 [field_author_uid]
This month I joined IFAW’s efforts to provide relief for thousands of animals stricken by the historic floods and Watch Video »
4 May 2015 [field_author_uid]
The IFAW Animal Rescue Disaster Response Team arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal on Friday, May 1. From the air, the team could Watch Video »
15 May 2015 [field_author_uid]
IFAW’s work with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia-Herzegovina is celebrating a milestone. In Watch Video »
16 June 2015 [field_author_uid]
Kind people often appear where and when you least expect them. Our animal welfare technician was driving his regular Watch Video »
17 July 2015 [field_author_uid]
Mr. Zickelbein, 77, lives in an apartment in central Berlin with his poodle Rudi. Zickelbein is deaf from birth; Rudi is Watch Video »
6 June 2013 [field_author_uid]
This week during a visit to Cozumel, Mexico, our team discovered a dog in desperate need of help. Covered in used motor oil Watch Video »