Western Gray Whale Research Camp: Bad News, More Fog

Fog on Piltun has keep the IFAW western gray whale research team grounded for two weeks.

We have not been lucky with the weather for a while – the time of fogs came to Piltun. It’s been two weeks of staying at our research camp and not going out to the sea.

Sometimes when the fog is not too thick on the land, we cross our fingers and hope that the next day will bring clear sky and good visibility for us to continue our work. But, unfortunately, the sea is still covered by fog.

Sometimes, the fog is so thick that we cannot see farther than hundred meters. Also, it’s been raining for a last few days. In the evenings, when drinking tea, we all remember our adventures on the sea and discuss the future plans for the rest of the season.

There is an abundant fishing village by the lagoon, 4 km north from Lighthouse. Not so long time ago, a group of fishermen was based there year around. Now, we found all buildings almost destroyed, and not suitable for living.

A group of ornithologists came to Piltun and set up their camp at the lighthouse area for three days. They study Stellar sea eagles all around Sakhalin Island; so, we learned interesting things about this beautiful endangered bird.

-- LA

For more information on the International Fund for Animal Welfare effort to protect whales around the world, visit https://ifaw.org

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