ER Update India: Pregnant Cow Saved from Flood Waters

Cow_4 This update on IFAW efforts to help animals during the worst flooding in Bihar's history was filed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Kandambari Mainkar.

On the 10th of September the IFAW-WTI ER team got an SOS call from a relief camp in Phulkaran village in Araria district. An 8 month old pregnant cow had been stranded in flood waters up to her belly for 10 days. The flood waters had made it very difficult for any one to get to the animal. However the water had begun receding and villagers found the cow lying prostrate on the ground panting. IFAW’s ER vets jumped into a boat to get to the cow. This boat however was all of 5 feet wide and 12 feet long and had to be shared between 15 people. The boat ride from hell is described by team leader Ashraf as “ there were holes in the boat and water kept seeping in through those! I could also feel that the boat was slowly submerging as it trudged along the muddy waters! Water was coming into the boats from the sides too! So 15 people in this two man boat squashed like a can of sardines, instead of staying still were using buckets to throw the water out of the boat! To make matters worse, Pallabi, one if the ER vets fell in as the boat rocked along. However Pallabi is good swimmer and t he water was all of 5 feet deep!

Cow_6_2 Once the team got to the village, they found this pregnant cow lying on the ground panting for dear life. The cow was in a bad condition. Her 4 legs were flaming red with some kind of dermal infection and she was emaciated and dehydrated and very hypothermic. The ER team gave the cow vitamin injections and oral re-hydration therapy. Once the cow appeared to be slightly stable, water was brought in polythene bags by the owners for her to drink. After an entire day of intravenous drips, the small cow finally got to her feet and was excited by the fresh green fodder that the team brought for her. “I was so happy we managed to get to this little cow in time, she is stable now and if provided the right feed and the supplements that we have prescribed should have a healthy pregnancy!” said Pallabi. Team leader Ashraf said “getting on a boat ride such as the one today and being able to help stranded animals across different marooned islands would not have been possible for the help of the many generous souls in the villages who have offered their boats and man power to assist the IFAW-WTI team in getting from island to island and also carrying around tons of fodder and medicines and fresh water for the animals”. “Tonight we are invited for dinner by the head of the district and we look forward to some warm wholesome local food!

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9 years ago

Wonderful job, really appreciate everything IFAW members do to help animals in need.
God bless you and I hope more and more people support your work.
Greetings from Spain

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