Hurricane Ike - Shelter Opens for Stray Animals

Bringing_in_2_strays_2 The City of Orange Animal Shelter is now up and running. IFAW's Deb Gleason writes:

IFAW volunteers have spent the past several days preparing for the reopening of the City of Orange Animal Shelter and today saw more stray and abandoned animals come in, yet some did go home to very happy guardians who were just returning to the area. After a busy morning of walking and feeding the animals we set up a small dog pool to give the dogs in our care a much needed break from the scorching Texas heat.

Our adult labs lounged for a long time in the water and introduced our little lab pups to the joy of swimming. The biggest smiles of the day came when "Ranger" a dog that has been living at the shelter since before the hurricane finally showed his true colors. When we arrived Monday and for most of this week Ranger has been barking and carrying on when we walked past his kennel. He was trying to convince us he was mean and not to be trusted but a few of us knew better and after three days of sweet talking and treats he was finally ready for some loving. For the first time in 10 days he came out for a walk in the grass. He was happy to leap around and run through the yard with a big smile on his face.

He then came up to each IFAW volunteer for an extended petting session complete with lots of leaning and rolling around on his back. After 30 minutes he was exhausted and happy to go back to his kennel for a big afternoon nap. It was incredible to see his transformation in just a few days, he is a dog the team will not soon forget.

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