Rescued Tiger Cub Grows Up

Amur_tiger IFAW just returned from a visit to the Moscow Zoo Rehab and Nursery Center for Rare species where Baryshnya a tigress, saved by IFAW together with three other orphaned cubs, is staying now.

On the eve of the Tiger Day the team wanted to examine the condition of the tigress. The reality exceeded expectations – Baryshnya looks very fit with her excellent fur, strong healthy teeth and claws. At the age of two and a half years she weights 80 kilos.

Tigress Baryshnya (Young Lady) was found in a Russian Far East village in a dog kennel March 9, 2007. Her mother was probably killed by poachers, presumably similarly to the mothers of other 5 tiger cubs orphaned in winter 2007.

Baryshnya was emaciated, suffered a footsore and had lung problems. Russian Ministry of Natural Resources requested IFAW for help. IFAW allocated funds for Baryshnya and three other orphan tiger cubs. This also provided for a visit of an experienced wildlife veterinarian and the construction of two spacious open-air strong cages to accommodate the cubs.

Later it became clear that the cubs could not be released to the wild and had to be sent to a long term care facility.

Siberian (or Amur) tiger subspecies (Pantera tigris altaica) inhabit Khabarovskiy and Primorskiy districts of the Russian Far East, numbers not more than 450 animals and are listed as Critically Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). 2007 was the peak year when so many orphan tiger cubs (6) were found orphaned.

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