ER Update India Floods: Disease Now A Real Threat

Medicines Yesterday the key concern was to get across fodder to Narpatganj; but the priority being human relief, boats were difficult to come by. By this evening however there was hope, as the Sub Divisional Magistrate has offered the team some boats to take across Animal Husbandry dry fodder, which will be reinforced with nutrition supplement concentrates by our vets.

Many families seeking refuge in the larger relief camps have brought their cattle with them, as a result, the livestock in these camps run in to large numbers living in close proximity. Yesterday the team treated 65 cattle with foot and mouth disease. With the heat, humidity and malnourishment, the outbreak of disease is imminent. This will make conditions worse for the livestock that has somehow survived the worst fury of the flood.

Grim news for villagers who, frail and weak themselves, ensured they brought their animals to safety with them against all odds. The crisis is far from over. Medicine, treatment and care are critical at this time. Around 7500 animals have already been treated by the team in the last 10 days. 

Today, one team stocked up on medical supplies again for another trip to Narpatganj. IFAW-Wildlife Trust of India veterinarian, Dr. Ashraf is on his way to Patna to reinforce that team with the next set of volunteers. The rest of the teams are out there in the watery battlefield – impossible to contact – out of network reach, but probably heading back to camp as dusk descends on yet another hard day.

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