Gustav: Good News from Louisiana!


Update: IFAW is now on the ground in Texas and Louisiana following Hurricane Ike.  Read an update from IFAW Emergency Rescue team member Michael Booth currently on the ground in Lake Charles, Louisiana rescuing family pets and other animals.

Gustav has passed through most of Louisiana and has now downgraded to a tropical depression.  Luckily, the levees to the west of New Orleans remained intact and there are no reports of major flooding.  Heavy rain could still create some flooding in Northern Louisiana and North East Texas, but not on the scale expected from a levee break.  Currently there are no requests for water-based search and rescue at present, although the IFAW team may be asked to help with land-based operations to help agricultural livestock in areas damaged by the passage of the hurricane.  Stay tuned to see how this situation develops.

At the megashelter in Shreveport, the passage of the hurricane happened without any major incident and there was no reported damage or injury.  Today, the IFAW team is spending time caring for the animals, ensuring that proper hygiene is maintained and that all animals are properly documented, so that they are all reunited with their owners and families.  It's expected that residents will be allowed back to their homes begining Thursday and that it will take until at least the weekend for all the animals to be reclaimed.

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