EU Proposes Ban on Seal Product Imports!

This update was sent over by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Seal Communications Officer, Katie McConnell.

Almost two years after the European Parliament drafted a resolution calling for a ban on seal products, we’ve seen the next step necessary for a European-wide ban. Today, the European Commission has announced a proposed ban on the import of seal products into European ports. Although this measure indeed signifies that the European public wants no part of Canada’s seal hunt, the existing legislation is worded in such a way that could allow seal products from this inherently cruel hunt to still find their way into markets.

The proposed ban in its current form allows exemptions from hunts which meet certain standards of “humaneness.” However, Canada’s commercial hunt, which is the largest hunt for marine mammals in the world occurs in such unpredictable conditions that it is impossible for this hunt to ever become humane. The IFAW team is just as determined as ever to take to the ice next spring to show the world that this hunt cannot be humane or regulated. Only a complete EU ban on seal products will prevent seal skins from this and other cruel hunts from entering the European Union. We hope that the Parliament will echo the wishes of the European people and insist that a total ban is passed and made into law.

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9 years ago

so here we go again.... isn't it typical when it comes to decisions to be made by the EU? full of wholes.... exceptions... there should be no exceptions when it comes to the seal hunt. i really don't get this. and you can bet your ass that countries slaughtering seals will find a way to justify that the hunt is humane. especially liars like the Canadian government.
i was very confident and positive that before summer the EU will move things. but again i am very disappointed. and i am pissed of being a EU citizen.
have a great day.
ines from france, moving on to a non-EU country very soon!

9 years ago

We managed !...

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