Greenland Debate

Surprise!  The first few nations to support Denmark were the same nations that vote in favor of Japan at past IWC meetings. IFAW doesn’t campaign on subsistence whaling. We really don't have a position on the Greenland issue as our priorities are focused on ending commercial whaling in Japan, Iceland and Norway.

However, I’ll bet after the first few countries voice their support, Japan will chime in how their culture deems whaling necessary.  Blurring the line between subsistence and commercial whaling is something the three pro whaling nations love to do. 

Buenos Aires group of Latin American countries expressed disappointment that Greenland’s proposal was put forward as it undermines the spirit of working out the problems of the IWC collaboratively.  Sadly, they withdrew the proposal for a vote on the South Atlantic Sanctuary but did so for a decent reason. They stood down on the Sanctuary proposal to show that they are willing partners to improve the IWC for the future.  An admirable move and one I suppose Greenland could learn from.  By withdrawing their proposal they demonstrate a willingness to be a partner in moving the IWC forward. 

Chile is now asking Denmark to withdraw the proposal.  Few more comments from countries then the commission breaks for lunch and a vote...

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