Animals Get Help In Flooded Illinois

Kitty1 IFAW is among the first to respond to the floods in Illinois. We are working with our friends and partners from the American Humane Association and (neighbors as well) the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

At the onset and abrupt swell of water that soon became some of the worst floods in the history of the Midwest on June 15th, myself and the rest of the ER team continuously monitored the ordeals that unfolded in the days following....we maned the phones, examined satellite maps, prepared our gear and contacted partner organizations. The river was fast moving and further flooding was imminent as the Mississippi flowed south.

In the end, our best judgment was to relay on first hand reports coming in from animal control officers, county officials and local animal shelters. Within 24 hours of receiving a request for assistance from Quincy, IL we pulled up in our Rescue Trailer and began immediate assessment work.

The generosity and support we have received since arriving in IL has made our job all the more easier. The management at the local county fairgrounds (Adams County) have offered up their 5+ barns for our use in addition to mowing an adjacent field for us to set up our tents. The animals that we are rescuing are able to receive around the clock care because of the kindness that we have found here in IL.

What has come as the most unexpected is the rescue (and continued rescue) of 3-4 week old fawns that lost their mothers and became displaced. Our first barn filled up fairly quickly! We have 20 fawns in our care that require bottle feeding and constant monitoring.

Some of the other animals that we have in our care here are horses, dogs, chickens and the most beautiful (verging on Vogue-model-gorgeous ) pig you have ever seen! She's in great shape and has flattering orange and black markings that resemble some sort of jungle creature.

As we are still in the beginning stages of these operations, I will continue to update this blog in the days coming. Thanks for you support during this time!

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