Rain Rolls Into Our Area Tonight, Animals Are Safe In Our Care

FawnI've just driven into town to write this blog post and am hoping to make it back to camp before the storm starts. Weather reports are calling for severe rain, hail and winds through Thursday. Sounds perfect for camping!!

We've had fairly good weather here up until these latest threats. Despite good weather however, flooding remains a threat as the levees begin to weaken behind the strength of the Mississippi. The monstrous size of the Mississippi River as it stands now cannot be fully captured in images. It's width resembles the size of a small lake, but it's length shows no end. It sits still while it bears an immanent threat of overtaking the levees that keep it from drowning more homes in the area. 

Two animal shelter representatives visited the site today and reported that towns are still being evacuated as the Mississippi resists settling. Two rescue boat teams left earlier today for Iowa where we were asked to rescue several pigs that were spotted during surveillance. I and the rest of the team await a report from there.

Two rescued dogs that were in our field shelter and being cared for by our on-site partners, the American Humane Association, were identified and sent home today. As of now, those are the only two animals that have been claimed. Five of the 20 fawns in our care have gone to foster homes where they will be cared for until released. Toby, the surrendered pig who's absolutely stunning, continues to allure us with her charm and thrives on fresh fruit and veggie treats as well as a regular shower.

We are working hard to maintain our site and prepare for rescued animals everyday. Pending the results of the forthcoming rains we may need to shift our efforts to a different location. Either way, we are standing by for what may come in the days ahead.

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