Japanese Whaling Fleet Crew Accused of Meat Theft

Japanese Whaling Fleet Crew Accused of Meat Theft, Asahi Says
By Tak Kumakura

May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Japan's whaling crew, which catches the animal in the name of scientific research, may have stolen meat from the ship and sold it to shops and restaurants, the Asahi newspaper said, citing Greenpeace Japan.

Crewmembers of the Nisshin Maru took home 47 boxes of whale meat when the ship returned from a hunt in April, the newspaper said, citing Greenpeace. The environmental group said one of the boxes contained 23.5 kilograms of whale meat, Asahi reported.

Whale advocates will today ask Japanese prosecutors to examine the case, Asahi said.

The Institute of Cetacean Research allows its 250 crew members to take home a few kilograms of meat, according to the newspaper.

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