Chimp Escapes Wooden Box For A Forest Home

Leo_at_ngmaba_2  © CSWCT

The following update is provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's partner CSWCT:

As Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary prepares to commence on it's 10th anniversary year celebrating the impact this international alliance has had on animal welfare and the conservation of chimpanzees, the reason behind it's existence becomes all the more critical.

A third chimpanzee, since November 2007, arrived at it's quarantine center in Uganda late March 2008. Leo was rescued from private ownership, sharing a similar arduous and frightening story with many of the other chimpanzees that have found refuge at Ngamba. At three years of age, Leo was removed from his wild chimpanzee family and forced to solely relay on the care of his human capturer.

Leo served one year of confinement in a small wooden cage at the home of a renowned catholic priest. His story begins there; where he came from and how he was separated from his mother will forever remain unknown.

With committed assistance from local Police, Leo was located, removed from the property and rescued into the care of the CSWCT (Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust). Since his rescue, Leo has difficulty spending time alone and is attracted to the human touch. Similarly, Leo demonstrates a heavy appetite when in the company of CSWCT staff. When alone, he does not show a great interest in eating.

Overall, Leo's health is good. He is one of the lucky one's that was found just in time. Thanks to the dedication of IFAW's partner, CSWCT, and local staff Leo will have the opportunity to grow as a typical male within a new chimpanzee family, learn values, behaviors and all characteristics associated with his new life out of confinement. 

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