Alaska Petroleum Denies Polar Bear Protection

Polar_bear Today, the Associated Press announced the government's ask for continued time in making their decision on whether not to list polar bears as an endangered species.

"The Department of the Interior wants 10 more weeks to decide whether polar bears should be listed as threatened or endangered, a delay conservation groups condemned as tied to the transfer of offshore petroleum leases in one of the animals two U.S. habitats." - AP

IFAW and many others have been waiting for an action to take place for many months now. This delay is really unfortunate and extremely discouraging.

Polar bears are highly imperiled and need protection from extinction.The threats they face are unprecedented and very real, as they are the first species whose population decline can be directly attributed to climate change.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released a series of reports last fall concluding that by 2050, we will have lost two-thirds of the world’s polar bears, and that many of the rest will be gone by 2100. Given this and additional known statistics about the impacts global climate change has on other Arctic species, the Dept. of the Interior is being pressured to come to a decision sooner than later.

For more information on the polar bear issue, other Arctic animals, and the changes occurring in their environment download IFAW's publication On Thin Ice. Why should you care? Why does this matter? So what if polar bears go extinct? We care because these animals are suffering slow and unnecessary deaths due to human consumption, pollution, population and exploitation. We have the opportunity today to make a difference.

Also, this is a prime opportunity as the world watches Canada's annual cruel seal hunt to provide you with a video that shows the other challenge seals face today: melting ice.

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9 years ago

how cute polar bears are.i love it soo much.Arctic animals should be take care.they are suffering due to change in environment like ice melting.government have to take measure of it.
Addiction Recovery Alaska
Addiction Recovery Alaska

9 years ago

The strategy of postponing decisions is a classic one to avoid confrontations while allowing the industry to do as it pleases.It's a shame that no one ever care for the animals that are at risk while there is still time

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