IFAW 2008 Seal Hunt News Coverage

Seal_hunt2 Hunters go in for the kill, from the Sunday Express

"A day’s work begins on the ice as a hunter slowly, deliberately raises his evil, spiked club.

"Seconds later, it crashes down on the skull of a seal pup  as the latest sickening slaughter started yesterday.

"The defenceless victim was the first of 275,000 pups, most of them under three months old. 

"They are due to die in a frenzy of bloodletting off eastern Canada over the next few weeks in the largest massacre of marine mammals in the world."

Seal hunt causes annual controversy, from the Montreal Gazette

"Britain's Press Association, the country's respected national wire service, said the federal government has been particularly reluctant this year to give out permits allowing international observers and journalists to go on sealing boats. A fisheries and oceans official told the Press Association that Canada's doesn't intend on running a travel agency for the observers and journalists."

Welcome to Canada!, from Pravda

"As opposition to this barbaric practice, which sullies the international image of Canada, grows both inside the country and in the international community, a number of nations are putting their money where their mouth is, introducing legislation to ban seal products. Among these nations this year are Germany, Italy and Austria, which join the U.S.A, Mexico, Croatia, Belgium, The Netherlands and Slovenia, which already have bans on importing seal products.

"The European Union is considering a ban on seal products, in addition to the ban on white seal pelts introduced in 1983. Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas is “looking into” the inhumane practice of killing baby seals and will deliver his report later this year. However, to date EU legislation is half-hearted: while the number of seals authorised to be slaughtered rises from 270.000 to 275.000, the European Union recommends that the animals are dead before they are skinned."

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10 years ago

When you watch these people in action, being it slaughtering a seal pup, killing a whale or a dolphin. Dose it really matter if they are from Canada,Japan,Iceland,or Norway. One thing stands out, as long as there are people like this, capable of this type of brutality, no one, man or animal is safe. When they ,realize that they can make even more money from harvesting human organs, how well will you sleep then. These sealers, whalers, would have loved working in the death camps. Watch them, tell me I'm wrong.

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