IFAW News Podcast 3 24 08 - Commentary on the TAC

Click here to listen to the podcast!The International Fund for Animal Welfare's Seals Communications Officer Katie McConnell talks with J.C. Bouvier about the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans decision to allow 275,000 seal pups to be killed during the 2008 commercial seal hunt.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

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10 years ago

This is just evil.It seems the more we protest etc, the more the Canadian Govt. continues to commit this atrocity. How can these men live with themselves having slaughtered these PRECIOUS animals.Where are their souls? DO THEY EVEN HAVE ONE? THEY CERTAINLY SEEM VOID OF HEARTS THAT'S FOR SURE. If these people are so hard up economically to commit such horror, then we as a nation need to send aid to Canada and/or put our heads together with their own Govt. to find a solution. And people, rest assured, there IS a SOLUTION if people WANT to Find ONE.

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