It's Legal To Shoot A Bear Cub

Ru154 Sadly, even though much effort has been put in to improving existing, poor regulations on hunting in Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation has now taken a step back in legalizing the hunting of bear cubs, yearlings, and their mothers.

Although the regulations are still being discussed by government officials, it seems as if they are being prepared for ratification; which means legalization of new hunting methods that will surely leave many occupied dens victim of the cruel sport in hunting seasons yet to come.

"As a result, nature might take a quick and tough revenge, demonstrating a sharp decrease in brown bear population in less than a decade. This has already happened to many other wild animals round the globe, like tigers, leopards, saigas, and Tibetan antelope", says Maria Vorontsova, Director IFAW Russia.

You can help by supporting the IFAW funded Russian bear cub rescue and rehabilitation center . The center has been operational for 12 years. Over 130 young bears found by hunters, loggers, hunt inspectors or occasional travelers have been saved, nursed and successfully returned to their natural habitat.

In light of the new regulations, help us save brown bear cubs of the Russian forests.

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