Iceland Whale Watching Workshop

Representatives from whale watching companies around the world are gathering in Iceland for IceWhale Whale Watching Conference. IceWhale is the Icelandic Whale Watching Association, a great organization of whale watching companies which IFAW has been a long time supporter of.  The two-day event, intended to promote growth of responsible whale watching, brings together whale watch operators and educators from twelve nations. IFAW, a long time advocate for responsible whale watching, has convened this workshop as a means to demonstrate that watching whales is a profitable business enterprise while simultaneously inspiring conservation of the worlds great whales.  Iceland’s landscape provides a beautiful backdrop; while its world-renowned reputation as a premier ecotourism destination make a perfect setting for such a gathering. 
IFAW supports responsible whale watching in all oceans of the world.  Iceland is the latest location where IFAW works to promote whale watching as one of many solutions to benefit both animals and people.

Below: Participants take a minute for a roadside photo of the beautiful terrain.


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