The Icewhale workshop is off to a great start. We saw presentations and and had many excellent discussions on various aspects of the business of watching whales around the world.  Having such a diverse group of people in one room is fascinating; It's really helpful learning from each other’s experiences.
Among the terrific presentations we saw, the first was by Kate Nattrass on IFAW's whale watching programs. It was a brief overview of all the great work IFAW does to promote responsible whale watching. We also saw a presentation by IFAW staff member Olly Boisseau covering non-invasive research done aboard the Song Of The Whale.  This 65' expedition sailing vessel is designed as an excellent platform for whale research.  It's also serves as IFAW's floating ambassador, traveling the world promoting conservation of the worlds whales. 

Stay tuned, we’ll post helpful presentation materials on the next blog entry.

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