Confirmed- Japanese plan to build giant whaling ship

Despite international protest, declarations of condemnation from the International Whaling Commission, and innumerable petitions to cease the annual hunting of whales in the waters off the Antarctic, Japan announced today it's intention to build a new factory ship to replace the aging Nisshin Maru.

It's long been suspected that the Nisshin Maru would need replacement and last years fire on board the vessel was a major sign that a replacement vessel would likely be imminent.

The Australian News reports 'Iwata Tsuyoshi - deputy director of the whaling division of Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said yesterday whaling would continue indefinitely and discussions had taken place regarding a replacement for the aging factory ship...

Many suspect that commissioning a new factory ship would commit Japan to at least 40 more years of whaling.  To read the article which appeared in the Australian news, click here.

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