IFAW Taiping 4 Update - "Cameroon welcomes its gorillas home".

Around six years ago, four infant Western Lowland gorillas were violently removed from their families and forest home in Cameroon and transported half-way around the world.

Today, thanks to IFAW and our loyal supporters and members, Abbey, Tinu, Oyin and Izan have arrived back home.
It’s hard to describe the atmosphere as we touched down at the Douala International Airport.

The airport tarmac became the scene of an emotional welcome-back party, scores of media reporters, government officials and onlookers including traditional Cameroon dances and gorilla impersonators proudly welcomed their gorillas back home.

A police-escorted caravan made its way through the 45 mile stretch to the Limbe Wildlife Sanctuary in the Southwest Province of Cameroon.
Upon arrival, no time was wasted in getting the Taiping four out of their transport crates and into their temporary quarantine facility. Earlier that day under 95-plus heat, the gorillas showed the first signs of true fatigue.

More than 24 hours had passed and their keepers and vets could tell that they were surely reaching their limits. With great relief, the four young gorillas were finally reunited in their sanctuary and were immediately provided with food and water which they wasted no time in accepting.

The lucky witnesses attending this defining moment burst with cheers and applause as the gorillas walked into their quarantine facility one by one.
With this ends an epic 6-year ordeal with a clear triumph over the illegal wildlife trade and general welfare for these animals.

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10 years ago

this is truelly a great victory for the western lowland gorillas that are so very endangered.all the work and sweat,blood and lots of tears well it has a very happy outcome and may abbey,tinu,oyin and izan live the way they should as all gorillas free from poaching and human exploitation.

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