Does It Always Have To Be So Complicated?

Feeding_program_1_2 IFAW's feeding program, with assistance from several local entities, has reached many animals in need.

Is there a blogging community out there for people who are prone to lost luggage? If so, please contact me directly.

It happens every time! But at least from experience I have learned to pack nearly everything I could need in my carry on (as much as the small local plane size allowance with let me).

Our flight from Houston to Villahermosa was supposed to be direct, given the single boarding pass and the destination city listed on our boarding pass, "Villahermosa". Yesterday our team landed in Mexico City in what we thought would be a routine passenger drop off-pick up. However, we were mysteriously asked to disembark the plane, go through immigration and return to a gate number that our departing plane was not parked at. We should have listened to our instincts and stayed on the plane or had simply gotten off, went to the bathroom and snuck back on! But we didn't. We instead took directions well and headed off to immigration.

To make a very long, personal venting story very short we ended up not having a plane to re-board and our luggage ended up ahead of us in Villahermosa. Genius!

Anyways, we are on our way and despite this small mishap are very close to getting to where we need to be. As Juliet mentioned in her earlier post, IFAW's international emergency relief team had gathered for our annual meeting just last week when three disasters (now four) struck at the same time. In meetings that were aimed to have "mandatory attendance", numbers were quickly dropping. I myself I had to pull out of the meetings the last two days to prepare for this trip. But reality is, is this is the work that drives us everyday and we support each other in getting out the door.

Last night we were in communication with the team on the ground which consists of IFAW staff from our Latin America office and several local entities; the team leader being from Colegio de Medicos Veterinarios Zootecnistas del Estado de Tabasco. We were thrilled to hear that food supplies of rolling in and that the small and large animal rescue divisions are also in operation to reach new animals everyday.

If all goes well (and it will!), our team will be on a flight this morning and in the field late afternoon. Will be in touch with more information as soon as I can....


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