Rescue an Orphaned Bear Cub This Holiday

Many of us wonder if the holidays have become too commercialized.

This year, consider giving each of your friends and family a gift close to your heart.

For as little as $25 you can help rescue a Russian orphan bear cub!

Most commercial gifts are laid aside after a short time or are forgotten. But a Gift for Bear Cubs supports IFAW's efforts to provide critical resources to rescue and nurture Russian orphaned infant cubs back to health. Each year hundreds of bear cubs, just a few weeks old, are left motherless because of Russia's winter bear hunt. Lucky cubs are rescued and sent to Professor Valentin Pazhetnov, a renowned bear specialist, who has successfully nurtured and released more than a hundred bears back in to the wild.

So before you head to the mall, buy a unique gift for a great cause!

With four additional animal campaigns to choose from, you can save a different animal for everyone on your list. Save a seal, provide veterinary care for a desperate cat or dog, and much more!

Your gift also includes a gift card package containing a full-color pamphlet explaining how your gift helps an animal, and a distinctive gift card. Every gift up to $75 comes with a stylish pen and pencil set bearing the IFAW logo, and gifts over $75 are shipped with an attractive IFAW canvas tote bag. And your gifts are tax-deductible in the U.S.

What gift could be better than knowing your present is helping to nurse orphaned infant cubs back to health.

Visit the IFAW Gift for Animals site today - and share the joy of lives made better!

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