Wolf and donkey live peacefully in same cage

Wolf_donkey In a shocking story out of Albania, a donkey and wolf are living together in a tiny enclosure in a zoo in Tirana.  The donkey was put into the cage almost two weeks ago as dinner for the wolf, but the two have since become close companions.  The sight is attracting onlookers, and hopefully the attention will mean this sad situation is soon resolved.  The wolf was caught in the wild just four months ago, and there's no word on whether either animal is receiving food now that the donkey remains alive, and wolf remains unfed.  This wolf deserves a life of freedom, and the donkey deserves a restful life in retirement.

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8 years ago

I'm ashamed to be a human when I see and hear of these horrific things happening all over the world.
What ever happened to these poor creatures?

9 years ago

This is just wrong. Not only are the conditions discusting look at the size of the cage they are being kept in. In this day and age things like this just shouldn't happen, and what are orthorities doing to stop this or is everyone just amazed that a wolf and donkey are living together and turned a blind eye to the inhumaneness of this stiuation!!!

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