Midwest Update

Hi everyone! Patrick here to tell you more about our adventure to help save the whales. We continued on our journey across the country and visited three states in two days – Ohio, Illinois and Iowa. All firsts for Henry! A whale in the Midwest is something you don’t see every day so naturally we’ve been receiving a lot of attention.

We have covered a lot of ground (or air rather) and Henry sat co-pilot the entire way. First things first, Henry and I started off our day yesterday by calling our mothers and wishing them a Happy Mothers Day!  We stopped for fuel in a small town in the middle of Ohio called Mansfield. We ate at a cool little diner down Main Street and there were some amazing murals on the buildings. We told local residents about our mission to help save the whales.

We then continued on to Chicago – the windy city! We rode the el downtown, where we saw a street performer singing “The Spirit of New Orleans” on the subway platform. Henry met him and took pictures holding a sign by the singer while people passed on the subway platform. We then walked around downtown Chicago holding up posters in front of the skyscrapers and spreading our message to the bustling crowds walking by.

Henry and I had an interview this morning with Des Moines radio station WHO-AM, which we did remotely from Chicago. Our key spokesperson, Henry hit all the main message points on the importance of the tour and the cause. We discussed the exciting day that is planned for tomorrow and asked the people of Des Moines to join us in our fight against whaling.

Then it was back on the plane for our flight to Des Moines. We just landed and of all things – we are eating sushi! We are thrilled to eat dinner tonight at the Waterfront Seafood Market, one of the restaurants that have pledged to continue to buy from distributors that are not tied to companies that sell whale meat, and have joined IFAW’s mission to protect more whales.

Tomorrow is a very important day as we will have many whale supporters at the event. Among them are Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie and Former State Representative Ed Fallon. The event starts at 9:15am at Des Moines International Airport.

We really appreciate everyone’s continued support. Keep checking back for more from the Whale plane; tomorrow an updated video will be available!

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10 years ago

it me Omar and I wanted to wish you the best of luck on speding the word about not kill whalie's, and keeping them save.
When you come back you would have chang the wrold about killing the whalies, also you would chang the way people kill whalies. Who needs there bubbler no one needs it right.. Right. I hope you have a safe trip back home
Bye now

10 years ago

Yikes, you all! How fabulous! We're sitting here in Venice reading about your trip and smiling, smiling, smiling at the joy on both of your faces! Eager to keep reading... Keeup that plane up, Co Pilot Henry!!

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