Will The Poachers Be Caught?: The Hunt For Rhino Poachers Continues

One_horned_rhino Following up with some information on the 6 rhinos that were recently found butchered by poachers in a national park in Assam. For the past two weeks I've posted information regarding rhinos in the weekly News Round-ups. From South Africa: white rhino poachers caught and facing trial and from India: electrocution and telescopic rifles now being used in poaching.

Wildlife wardens in India are growing increasing concerned about the increase in the number of animals, and the frequency of these animals being killed. Kaziranga National Park (in Assam) is home to the majority of the population of one-horned rhinos.

Why are they being killed and their body parts sought after? A news source reports, "Rhino horns are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities, besides being used for making medicines in parts of South Asia. The horns are also fancied by buyers from the Middle East, who use them for making ornamental dagger handles."

This news also falls close to the 3 month anniversary of the release of 2 greater one-horned rhinos in a different region of India. The one-horned rhinos are just beginning to make a comeback from being endangered.

Sanctuaries such as the IFAW funded Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation continue the push to protect these animals. Let's hope these poachers are caught!!!

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