News Round-up: New Rules For Exotic Owners and Gorillas Bounce Back!

Tiger 1. IFAW applauds Congress for introducing legislation to improve public safety related to dangerous cats such as tigers and lions at zoos and other animal sanctuaries.  The legislation also seeks to prohibit public contact with large cats by fining facilities that violate or do not meet certain safety guidelines.

2. Share your environmental videos with IFAW!  Advertisers and environmental organizations are encouraged to share their own content on  Check it out!

3. Conservation groups are urging the Chinese government to investigate tiger farms after finding that some farm owners are not raising tigers for conservation efforts but rather selling them to restaurants as food. 

4. Good news!  The Uganda Wildlife Authority reported that the population of mountain gorillas has increased by 6 percent in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park since it was last measured in 2002.

5. Vegan fashion: A new trend? Check out the different clothing styles that are “sexy, stylish and animal friendly.”

6. The WWF reports that a hunter killed an Amur Leopard along the border of Russia and China.  Only 30 or so of these cats remain today, with hunters fetching up to $37,000 per leopard.

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