Cat Gets Locked In A Box For A Bath

As welfare minded people, I think you will find interest in this disturbing video and will hopefully share your concerns to those who think this type of thing passes as humor. As much as I try to share positive, progressive news with you I can't turn a blind eye on this one.

Bloggers, such as the Pet Connection, have alerted its viewers to the disturbing scene, "Cats really hate water..and why they hate some people too". Simply put, a terrified cat is placed into this washing machine device and is forced to succumb to water and soap jetting up from underneath. The video goes on for a minute and 37 seconds, without a happy ending.

CNN reports that the manufactures of "Pet Spa" are offended by the image on YouTube more than anyone. But what I'm interested in knowing, what would qualify as humane use of the "Pet Spa"? In some cases does the water not actually work? - that woud be humane.

The manufacturer is quoted as saying, "...some cats, like the one in the video, should be sedated and bathed under supervision.."

Sedation for a bath, hummm...and since when are cats incapable of cleaning themselves?

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11 years ago

These machines should be banned and the people putting the cat in it should be banned from keeping animals.

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