Photo of the Week: Siberian Tiger Cubs

Photo of Week is a new feature that highlights the work IFAW does around the world everyday to rescue orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals. We hope this new weekly feature will give you a glimpse into this aspect of IFAW's daily operations.


Two of the Siberian tiger cubs in the above photo were rescued just last weekend after being discovered on the side of the road by a truck driver and logger. The pair joined a third female tiger cub named “Lapka” which was rescued just a few weeks earlier. The cubs are being cared for by the Tiger Inspection Rehab Center in the Russian Far East, a project funded by IFAW to help rescue Siberian tigers.

IFAW employees work regionally, within India, China, and Russia, on critical tiger issues. Currently, tigers are facing grave threats due to the trade in tiger parts, habitat loss, and human encroachment. Tiger farms are an added danger, with only 50 wild tigers remaining in China, and over 4,000 in breeding farms. Due to such factors, tigers occupy an estimated mere 7% of their historical range.

Watch the Animal Rescue Blog later this week for more about these three cubs.

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6 years ago

intersting animals and neat to. they are co cute and gorgeous

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that looks awesome and cute

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Beautifull animals.

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