The "Big Fix Rig": Fixin' It's Way Through the South

Nola_web_wit_spaytruck The Big Fix Rig is one part of the Katrina & Rita Spay-Neuter Program for Pets and Stray Animals supported by IFAW, the ASPCA, PetSmart Charities, the HSUS, and UAN.  The Rig just returned to Mississippi from Louisiana where it was managed by SPAY/Louisiana.  I met up with Rig in Jackson, Mississippi earlier this week.

Mississippi Spay & Neuter (MS SPAN)is currently overseeing the Rig's provision of mass sterilization of cats, both owned and stray or feral.  Hurricane-impacted and low income owners and guardians can receive discounted Spay/Neuter through the Rig as can shelters and managers of feral colonies.  Depending on the number of veterinarians and staff on board, as many as 120 kitties can be sterilized in one day.

The Rig is a modern, mobile way to deliver high-volume, high-quality Spay and Neuter in areas with little or no access to discounted surgeries.  By cutting its way through Mississippi and Louisiana, the Big Fix Rig is reducing cat overpopulation and decreasing the likely number of stray animals that will need rescuing in future storms.  The rig was funded by the Humane Alliance, Bosack Kruger, and PetCo.

The Big Fix Rig may seem feline centric but any dog owners who meet SPAN or SPAY/Louisiana's criteria, or cat owners who can't get to the Rig can receive vouchers for discounted Spay/Neuter surgeries accepted by a number of area veterinarians.

It was great to see so many dedicated people working to improve the lives of animals and people; IFAW is proud to be associated with you all!

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11 years ago

The schedule for the Big Fix Rig while it's in Mississippi is being posted on the Mississippi SPAN webiste . You can find out more by calling 662-846-1155. Thanks for neutering your pet!

11 years ago

there is no mention of a schedule in this article. I was told that the Rig would be around in early February, but how do we find out? I'm in Tate CO., and wanted to tell the newspaper about it, so people will know.

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