Fantastically costumed Freddie the Fox and friends in Gillingham to urge people to protect the hunting ban

Thursday, 21 October, 2010
(London, 22 October 2010) – IFAW’s fox, hare and stag are in Gillingham in Kent on Monday (25) to urge local people to lobby their MP Rehman Chishti to protect the hunting ban.

Freddie the Fox, along with Harriet Hare, Stan Stag and IFAW staff will be in the town centre from 12pm to 3pm to remind members of the public that the Hunting Act is under threat and that MPs need to vote to keep the ban and ensure no return to cruelty.

The coalition Government has pledged to hold a parliamentary vote to reopen the debate on possible repeal of the Hunting Act.

IFAW is visiting Gillingham and other constituencies where MPs have not stated how they would vote on possible repeal. The aim is to encourage members of the public to sign postcards urging their MPs to stand up for British wildlife.

IFAW’s senior hunting and prosecutions officer Tania McCrea-Steele said: “We’re visiting Gillingham and other key constituencies to ask members of the public to do all they can to protect the Hunting Act and stop British wildlife from being killed for fun.

“We want to remind MPs that the majority of the British public want to see our wildlife protected. The Hunting Act was introduced to stop foxes, deer, hares and mink from being chased and killed for so-called sport.”

IFAW is urging members of the public who see their fox, hare and stag out and about in Gillingham town centre on Monday to stop and sign a postcard. Alternatively they can also contact their MP by taking action on IFAW’s website

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