IFAW double winner at Green Awards

Friday, 14 November, 2008

(14 November London) The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has won two prestigious awards for excellence in green communications at the 3rd Annual Green Awards™.

At the Awards ceremony in London, IFAW lifted the top prize in two of the 14 categories: Animals on the Underground campaign won the Best Outdoor Advertisement (under £50,000) and MP Humpback Adoption campaign won Best Direct Mail.

The outdoor campaign featured posters of eye-catching images of animals within the traditional London Underground map urging the public to help protect seals, whales and elephants. It ran on more than 200 sites on London Underground and reached millions of commuters across London on their way to work. IFAW received the advertising space at no cost via media buyers Total Media, with the space donated by CBS Outdoor.

The MP Humpback Adoption pack was designed to generate parliamentary support for IFAW’s anti-whaling campaign. It successfully engaged more than 150 MPs to speak out against Japanese plans to kill 50 endangered humpback whales in the Southern Ocean. Weeks after the mailing was sent, Japan put its plans on hold and IFAW continues to lobby for an end to all commercial and so-called “scientific” whaling.

IFAW Communications Manager Rosa Argent said: “We are delighted to win both these awards. We’d like to thank Grid 24 for teaming up with IFAW to place a spotlight on the current threats to some of the world’s most iconic species – whales, elephants and seals. Recognition from the Green Awards is important as it will help raise awareness of our work to protect animals amongst a wider audience.”

The judges were impressed by the eye-catching design of Animals on the Underground and the creative use of media, and praised Adopt a Humpback for “the clever and noble way the winner dealt with a serious and distressing issue”.

Initiated to reward businesses for communicating sustainability in a creative and original way, the awards emphasise the role that needs to be played by the marketing and communications industries in informing people about green issues, products and lifestyle choices.

Baroness Peta Buscombe, Chief Executive, of the Advertising Association, said: “It is a great pleasure to chair the judging panel at this year’s Green Awards. The Awards demonstrate our industry’s commitment to promoting positive environmental change. The environment is an issue where we are all looking for solutions, it is important to ours and future generations and is one in which the communications industry can play a powerful role. Too often environmental language used is not accessible, our industry is overcoming these barriers; it is our specialty.”

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