Winner Announced for Whale Remix Contest!

Ever thought the music you were downloading was actually the latest mixes provided by whales from around the world? It’s pretty incredible to listen to what master musicians can come up with when given whale, ocean and boat samples to mix with.

IFAW held an online contest earlier this year to see who could come up with the best composition using real whale songs and called it the “Whale Remix Project”.  Composers and DJs could create original songs using the sounds of the endangered humpback whale, which are now being targeted for next year's annual Japanese whale hunt.  Contestants were also urged to write President Bush asking him to take stronger action against Japan’s illegal whale slaughter. Twenty-year old up-and-coming musician Luke Moellman was selected by a celebrity panel of pop musicians as the winner, including Johanna Fateman of Le Tigre, electronic music composer and producer BT, and Tom Dumont of No Doubt.

Visit the IFAW site to listen to the winning Whale tune.

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