The Ugly Side of Dog Tethering

This story makes my stomach churn and my heart break. Sorry for the graphic photo attached to this post, but I just could not believe that someone would be capable of such detrimental abuse to a helpless animal. It appears the chain was intentionally attached so tight to this poor animal’s neck as if it were some kind of challenge or a joke. For what other reason would someone knowingly do such a thing?

In light of a recent blog post, regarding the Tammie Grimes case, I thought this story appropriate to highlight considering Tammie heroically removed a tethered dog from a miserable condition in a strangers backyard. Tammie is now being fined with criminal charges for her heroic act and is being targeted as a thief.

Also, this emphasizes the importance of a new law in California, making it illegal to tether your dog for long periods of time. However, even with selfless heroes and state legal protection, many people continue to punish animals for just being companions. This I cannot grasp.  What do you think would ever lead someone to treat their dog this way?

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