UK animal welfare supporters unite for Brussels seal protest

Sunday, 27 July, 2008
(27 June 2008) Animal welfare supporters from the UK will join others from around Europe next week to demonstrate in Brussels in support of an EU-wide ban on seal products.

The peaceful demonstration on Tuesday (1st), organised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and coordinated by Eurogroup for Animals, will take place outside the offices of the European Commission, which is due to decide later next month whether or not to introduce the trade ban.

Staff from IFAW’s London office are travelling to Brussels with concerned supporters from around the UK to push for a ban alongside campaigners and supporters from all over Europe. The majority of EU countries will be represented at the event which will also include speeches from MEPs and latest footage from this year’s seal hunt.

IFAW opposes Canada’s commercial seal hunt because it is cruel, unnecessary and unsustainable. Around 300,000 seals are shot or clubbed each year, primarily so their fur can be used to make luxury items for the fashion industry.

Robbie Marsland, Director of IFAW UK, said: “I have witnessed for myself the unacceptable cruelty in this hunt, with thousands of seals suffering a slow and painful death each year for products which nobody needs. An EU-wide ban on these products is vital to close down the markets and send a message to Canada that people in the UK and Europe want no further part in this cruelty.”

The European Commission’s Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas, said in April that a ban would be introduced if countries were unable to prove the animals were being killed humanely. IFAW and other groups provide evidence year on year which proves the hunt is inherently inhumane, and therefore believe an unconditional ban must be introduced.

To support the push for an EU-wide trade ban on seal products, please visit where you can send an email to the European Commission.


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