Lebanon and Israel Pets Need Your Help

Lebanon7_1 While innocent civilians are moving out of the war zones in Israel and Lebanon into safe refuges, many have no choice but to leave their pets behind, alive and stranded. As reports of casualties flow in and the world continues to hope for a peace agreement, very little is reported on the safety of man’s best friend within this crisis.

Luckily, there is a glimpse of hope and I feel strongly that this is news worth reporting.

Two organizations, one on each side of the Lebanon/Israeli border, are sending in volunteers daily who are risking their lives to feed and rescue abandoned and roaming animals. Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) has been at the forefront of the battle to ensure animals are respected and cared for in Lebanon.  The Israeli Association of Animal Welfare Organizations (NOAH) is an umbrella organization that is assisting with the rescue of abandoned pets and stray animals in the combat zone in northern Israel.

IFAW has contributed funds to both groups, hoping to maximize the potential for innocent animals to be rescued out of the Middle East crisis. Here are some brief clips of reports that we have been getting from the field:

“…due to severe fuel shortage we are planning to buy scooters that would allow us to run errands in the war zone, without having to use our cars.” – BETA

“…hundreds of dogs have been rescued from abandoned homes and evacuated to boarding kennels and shelters in Tel Aviv.” – NOAH   

“… volunteers scan the streets everyday, setting up special feeding areas for abandoned pets and stray animals.” – NOAH

“…BETA contacted one of their volunteers at the Red Cross and a taxi driver in order to get into an area where a little girl has asked us to rescue her cat.” – BETA

“…long range missiles landed near the HSPCA and Shaul’s home. Shaul says he is keeping the shrapnel as a souvenir, trying to retain his humor in these troubled days.” – NOAH

“…they are being kept in cages under the horror of the attacks and are subject to starvation. They have urged us today to get them all out as soon as possible because the zoo might be targeted.” – BETA

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11 years ago

First of all, this blog is a great addition to IFAW's presence on the web. Amazing work as usual.
The work that the team has done the past month in both Lebanon and Israel has been amazing in terms of building awarness throughout the region. Hopefully this will continue.
On a funnier note, check out this link: https://www.naharnet.com/domino/tn/Newsdesk.nsf/0/...
Keep up the good work - woohoooo!

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