Clipping Away at Pet Overpopulation in the South

Back in March, IFAW received word that some of the largest US-based animal welfare organizations were planning to join forces and combat pet overpopulation in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Pet overpopulation in these states has always been a problem and spay/neuter efforts have been previously attempted. But following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina many animal welfare organizations sparked a national interest in this issue.

Other organizations involved include the ASPCA, PetsMart Charities, United Animal Nations, HSUS and many local humane organizations. The strength and interest provided by these joined forces will assist local groups in developing future programs that will encourage animal owners to take a more active role in caring for their pets and having them spayed or neutered.

For anyone who is aware of the politics that surface when NGOs tackle a popular issue in a common area, they should realize that this is a noble step towards alleviating a problem that requires the strength of multiple parties. We are now five months into the program and have very little to be disconcerted about.

At the onset of discussions, IFAW suggested that, in addition to the practical solution of spay or neuter (S/N), census data be collected and an attitudinal survey administered to further our knowledge on public opinion and awareness. The success of IFAW’s CLAW Dominica project is due to our expertise in this area.

This two year collaborative project in Louisiana and Missouri also includes an S/N voucher program utilizing local vets, fixed high volume clinics servicing a 90-mile radius in each state and a mobile S/N clinic servicing areas not provided for by the fixed clinics.

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9 years ago

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11 years ago

3 weeks ago, I rescued 7 kitties in Mexico. 2 are 8 months old and very tamed, 4 are 5 weeks old (they were rescued from the street and the mother was with mastitis and the kittens had eye infection and sick),and one is 4 weeks old and he was thrown in a dumpster. They all come from 2 states. I got them to another state and they stayed at the vet some days because they were weak and had diarrea. At the end, they were all gorgeous, healthy, clean and full of energy...just the way kitties should be.
I was traveling by Delta to Atlanta/Seattle and then by car to Vancouver on August 13 (last Sunday), and 2 weeks before flying, Delta reasured me 4 times everything will be OK. Got to the airport, waited 1 1/2 hour for them to issue my boarding passes and proof of payment of the 2 kennels, but got them.
Lots of drama unfolded when I refused the boxes with the cats to be checked by x'ray, so I took the uncle out and gave him to a security guard to hold while I was taken the mother out of the kennel, and he let the uncle run away and the poor cat was so scared and then a Mexican passenger kick him on the head... finally got him and put inside the carrier and by then the security people were pissed at the cats, so all of them had to go thru the x'ray machine and went to the boarding gate with the 2 carriers. The captain of the plane, said the kennels were 1 or 2 inches bigger that the specifications for the kennels for carry in cabin (but down there you can't find anything smaller, because people don't use kennels for cats), so he gave his OK for luggage.
Got the labels for luggage on them. Then the personal called me to get the kennels to the Delta personal to get as luggage, and one of them stop me and told me the captain was trying to get them in the cabin and was calling Delta base: Atlanta. Delta staff started to board the plane and after all entered, we kept waiting. Then the supervisor told me I could not take the cats on the plane, and I said if the cats would not go, me and my daughter would not go either. The captain came down and he apologized and told me he tried everything but Atlanta said NO, due than from March 15 to September 15 they don't take animals as luggage. So had to leave them behind. He told me DELTA would not take the cats at all, that day or the day after...I broke to cry like a baby, and had to leave them behind. Couldn't do more from there...The vet who gave me their health certificates has them and they are in small wired cages waiting to come to Canada or in the worst of the cases, at least Miami, to get homes for adoption.
They are "common breed", so no one wants them and if some one takes them, they will have to live outdoors, kill cockroaches, lizards or spiders for food, be neglected, no medical attention, no love and most likely in a couple weeks/months get run over by a car or physically be abused by kids or adults.
If some one can help me to adopt these cats in Miami or around, or you are a pilot who can bring the cats to the US,Canada pls., contact me ASAP!!!
PS.-I tried other airlines, but it cost over $2,000.00 US to get them to Seattle, plus lodging at the vet, customs agency, long distance phone calls, so on.... It is just much more than I can afford to pay, and I already paid more than $500.00 US for them... plus their fee that Delta hasn't refund me yet. Their health certificates will expire in 4 days. If they are not out of the country by then, need to pay another $100.00 to get new documents!!!
Any help of any kind with this situation would be great. Thanks.
Thanks a lot

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