Update From Norway

Earlier today Norway’s Fisheries Ministry announced that whalers caught the first whales of the 2008 season.  Five in total since the April fools opening day.

The newspaper Fiskeribladet Fiskaren reported that three minke whales were caught in Vestfjorden off the Lofoten Islands, off the northwestern Norwegian coast. The recent rough weather and sky rocketing fuel costs seem to have lead to a slow start to Norway’s whaling season. Such a shame isn't it? Norway’s self allocated minke whale quota stands at 1,052 whales for 2008.  This number is 97 whales more than last years quota.  The reason for the jump was to accommodate the shortfall of the past few whaling seasons.  900 of these whales are to be caught in coastal areas around the North and Barents Sea.

In 1993 Norway resumed whaling arguing that hunting was necessary to keep the minke population in balance so it does not adversely threaten fish stocks. If they actually think culling whales will help their fish stocks then they sure have a surprise coming.  Fisheries are vanishing around the world and it’s mainly because fishing technology has become so advanced that fish just have no where to hide.

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