Young Elephant Survives Abscess And Is Seen With Family

With the herd LOW

A displaced wild elephant calf that was reunited with its natal herd in Kaziranga National Park a month ago was sighted earlier last week, confirming successful reintegration. The sighting has pleasantly surprised conservationists who had doubts about its survival, as the calf has a congenital deformity in its leg.  

The calf was rescued by the Assam Forest Department officials from a marsh near Roumari on December 3 last year. It was provided medical treatment for its injuries and reunited with its natal herd soon after.

During treatmentLOW Dr Phulmoni Gogoi, IFAW-WTI veterinarian, said, "I had treated the calf for an abscess in its hindlimb. She also had a congenital deformity in the right hind leg stifle joint. She could not flex the leg fully and had a limping gait.  Although, the forest officials had reunited her with her natal herd, we were doubtful of her survival."

On Tuesday, the calf was sighted by a veterinarian at the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center in Kaziranga, India. He was on his way to release a hog deer, when he saw the calf among its herd near Karasine Camp in Kohora Range.

"We hadn't got any information on the calf after its reunion. I believed that it had been predated upon. But when I saw the pictures I knew it was her," Dr Gogoi confirmed, adding that the calf would have to be 'as lucky' to reach adulthood.

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9 years ago

I'm so glad the calf was able to survive.

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