Youth Forum delegates help with South Africa project’s new t-shirt design

Local South African artist Wesley van Eeden (Resoborg), who designed the Durban International  Film Festival Poster last year, provided a sketch for a new t-shirt design.On their first day together, Youth Forum for People and Wildlife delegates visited the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) in Soweto, an impoverished township of Johannesburg. Founded by a small group of inspired and passionate young people from Kliptown, KYP aims to usher village children from poverty to opportunity through education.

KYP relies on fundraising from t-shirt sales to continue efforts. After touring the township and meeting its residents, the delegates decided to help.  Olivia Taylor shares what began as an idea, and through the contributions of other passionate delegates became Kliptown Youth Program’s new t-shirt design.

The Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) in Soweto aims to usher village children from poverty to opportunity through education. This design was previously on their t-shirts.

When we arrived in Kliptown, as a South African I was really inspired – it was so different and so upbeat compared to some of the other communities or townships that I’d been to. That really started my thought process about how we could make a difference. Thomas King had the same idea – he suggested that we may be able to help with a bit of branding by refreshing their t-shirt design.

Thomas asked if I knew any local designers and I immediately thought of the local South African artist who designed the Durban International  Film Festival Poster last year, Wesley van Eeden (Resoborg). Many of us are passionate about art and I spoke to a few other delegates about the design which we’re all really happy with – it’s a fresh take on a township rich with history.

The design cost about $3,000 Rand ($215 USD) which Thomas and I collected from all of the delegates. We were so happy to be able to contribute to something sustainable – they’ll have this design for years to come. I phoned the executive producer of the KYP to make sure they’d be interested. He absolutely loved the t-shirt design and said it will be of great help to them. 



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